Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Busy Puppy

As you can see from the photos Don has grown a lot this month! He just moved up to a large size jacket. He is now more than 6 months and will turn 7 months on December 7. He is gradually getting friendlier, but no less stubborn. That's just the kind of dog he is :D I've posted lots of pictures about Don- at home and on outings. To begin with, the one above shows Don at a stopping point on our walk. It was a very clear morning and we could see the bay down below. I don't like waking up early, and am by no means a morning person, but I enjoy walking Don earlier in the day when everything is quiet and its cold (my favorite weather). (This doesn't happen very often as I usually can't pry myself out of bed on weekend mornings).

We usually pass the fire station on our walk. Don enjoys watching the firefighters clean trucks and practice drills. Definitely a great socializing spot to have close by! We often practice walking over grates as Don is not a big fan of them. 
Don practicing his sit stay on a bridge. A family of deer caught his attention (though you can't see them in the photo). He is quite the handsome boy :) This is near the church my family and I go to. Don went to church last night and was great- he slept through the majority of it. He also went to his first play this past weekend, which was two hours (long for Don). It was a youth production at our local theater and was excellent. After Don realized that I wouldn't let him eat the spilled popcorn, he drifted off and stayed that way for most of the production. Afterwards, he "did his business" on command in the cement parking lot. I was very happy to see that he had gotten used to cement-relieving!
Don posing near the marsh. Normally there are lots of people and dogs here, but there weren't today. I took advantage of the solitude and snapped some pictures!

Many sights and sounds captured his attention
Don in the kitchen. He got a new blue dragline for corrections inside the house. I am currently trying to break a couple of bad house behaviors (stealing items from various places) and needed a more durable 20 ft line after Don chewed the first two. I ended up getting two nylon leashes and clipping them together. It works quite well.
Don waking up from his morning nap in the sun. He always keeps one foot tucked under his body when resting. 
Fast asleep after his walk. He is actually sleeping on a sofa cushion (which he LOVES) from a sofa that we got rid of a long time ago. My dad recently picked up a dog bed from Costco that I had wanted. It turned out to have a cedar stuffing and smell. Don did not like the smell one bit and wouldn't set a foot on his new bed. So now we're back to the sofa cushion :) 
The rest are just random photos of Don from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Sleepy boy.
He gives thanks for his Dental Dino Nylabone, his Kong, and stray socks :)
And most importantly, his FOOD!


  1. Oh my gosh, Don looks and sounds SO much like Cabana! Don's eyebrows and forehead and really expressive, just like Cabana. And Cabana loves to curl in her paws, too! Their distraction issues are identical. But Don has more of the brownish coloring of Bosworth. I don't know where Cabana gets her light reddish coloring.

  2. Wow, he is getting so big! Great pictures. Millie had the same expressive eyebrows, though it was harder to tell on her since she is black!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Don is SO handsome! What a beautiful face. Great update.

  4. Happy late Thanksgiving!
    Awesome pictures! Looks like a big boy!

    Toby's trainer


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