Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back on Track?

I thought Don's neuter would calm him a bit- but apparently not. After the medicine wore off, Don was back to his strong-minded self. He seemed to have regressed in his training after two weeks of sleeping and was really testing me, and my rules, for a while. The week of rain didn't seem to help any either. He has tried to run off with socks, towels, you name it, for the past week, even though he is confined to such a small area with constant supervision. In the past though, I've noticed that some weeks are like this- and some weeks he is much more reliable with house behaviors. Corrections can be tricky as he gets stronger. He is definitely seeking attention when he goes for an object. Maybe, instead of correcting him, I should just walk away and do nothing when he has an object? We have a meeting with our CFR Tuesday, so hopefully he will have some suggestions.

Morning snuggle when the heater isn't on.

I love this picture. I found Don sleeping in his crate like this the other day, belly up with his DuraPlus chew bone under his head.

His relieving schedule was also a bit messed up at first. He relieved in jacket for the first time ever and I was quite shocked. Luckily, it was not in the store and seems to be a one time incident- he was great shopping all day this weekend. It seems like the rain also messes up his relieving at times. When its raining, Don is in such a hurry to get back in the warm, dry house that he doesn't finish going potty. If I stand out in the rain long enough, he will go, so I usually bring an umbrella with me. When Don gets back inside, he takes a nap in front of the heater.

The other day, Don pulled a bit too hard on the leash. My mom was walking him, and when I came out of the door, he pulled so hard in my direction that she broke her finger. I've resolved to use the gentle leader at all times after that incident. My only concern is that Don may not learn how to control himself on the flat collar. Has anyone had this problem?

Other than these issues, Don seems to be getting the hang of things again. We've been working on his commands (stay and stand) this rainy week. He went to Trader Joes Thursday. On Friday, when there was finally a non-rainy moment, I walked Don to the nearby shopping center and back. We walked along the marsh and freeway and Don was great. We sat at a bench near the Woodlands pet food store, and waited for dogs to show up to help with Don's dog distraction. The only dog we saw was a chihuahua in a raincoat, but it was so tiny that Don didn't even notice it. We practiced jumping up on rocks and benches until I decided to walk back home, and it started raining on us.

Don by the marsh at the bottom of my street. Don's wearing his old jacket in this picture- he got an XL on Saturday. He moves up sizes so fast!

Don in the parking lot. You can see the freeway in the background. Its nice having so many sights and sounds on our walks.

Don practicing jumping up on the rock. He loves jumping up and off surfaces, but still refuses to exit our car (which is not at all very high off the ground).

On Saturday, our club had its puppy meeting at the mall. We met outside of Petco. There were lots of new puppies in the group. The newest was 10 wk old Quebec, a very handsome male yellow lab. There were also Silky and Stefano (who are 12 wk old siblings). There were a couple of new families too. Maureen, who Don had a playdate with when he was 12 wks, is leaving for formal training on Friday. She is an incredible dog and is definitely ready for the next step. The group went to Petco and practiced sit stays while a squeaky ball was rolled down the aisle. Don also met some mice and a chinchilla. We went to Target and he ignored the people and popcorn on the ground. We then went to Pasta Pomodoro (who know Don and always offer him a bowl of water), then Tilly's, and Costco. Don was a great sport with the all day shopping. When he's got his gentle leader on, he is another dog!

Don practicing wearing his gentle leader and staying in a down. I want to make sure he can lay still under a desk in preparation for possibly taking him to school.

Don loves saying hi to my two year old rex rabbit Rosie. Rosie is getting a bit more comfortable around him. Don is very intrigued by Rosie and loves watching her eat her salad. What he likes the most about Rosie is that she leaves hay and droppings all over the floor— which Don is more than happy to clean up.

Don says hello to Rosie, who is eating her dinner salad of dandelion greens, radish tops, and blueberries. He has a very curious expression on his face and is not really sure what to think about Rose.

A close up on Don- he has such a broad build.

The big 81/2 month old.

That's what Don and I have been up to this weekend. I have a day off school tomorrow. Yay! We may be going into SF to see Avatar, but I probably have too much homework. Don will be nine months soon- I can't believe it. He seems back on track, we've just got a couple of kinks to work out, and he will be great.

One last picture of Rosie- our sweet little bun-bun.


  1. Don looks so handsome!
    We hope you get some good tips to help you with training,
    Good luck!

  2. Don has grown so much -- what a handsome boy! Love the pictures of him with the rabbit. Our first guide dog puppy used to love our guinea pig too.

  3. Don really is SO handsome. I didn't see the affects of Cabana's spay for weeks, if then, so maybe it isn't an immediate change. And I don't think Cabana will EVER be ready for just a flat collar. I'm so sorry about your mom's broken finger! I can relate to that completely because I can easily see that happening to me when Cabana is pulling on her flat collar. Even the head collar only helps slightly for us. We've had to go to stronger measures. ;)

    Hope everything smooths out with Don--and hopefully, we'll get a little more sun this week!!

  4. Don looks SO much like his half brother Focus!!

  5. Don is so handsome! I love the picture of him on his back in the crate, Rocky loves to sleep like that. Sound like he has hit the teenage years:) I am raising my 5th male puppy and they have all gone through a time where they test you, but the good news is they grow out of it! Being neutered should help with his testing, but it takes a few weeks to a month or two before you will start to notice a difference.

  6. Now I remember this post about Don getting fixed!! So nice to get to meet you and Don today, Lauren. Send me an email and I'll send you a couple photos of Don and Cabana playing,


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