Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's in the box?

Hurry up, I'm bored...
(Don yawning as he waits patiently for me to open the package the UPS man delivered)
Oooh, what's inside? Is it for me? Please have it be for me....
(Don peering inside box with galileo bone. A curious expression is on his face)
Wow! Look at all these toys! And they're ALL MINE! Mine!
(Don on his bed with his new nylabones all around him)
gnaw gnaw. Mmmmm... I love my bacon flavored nylabone!

Yay! A new shipment of bones from Entirely Pets! Don's bones were getting a bit too short and worn down. They were having a weekend special a couple weeks ago (free shipping $25 or more) so I ordered Don a galileo bone, a bacon flavored souper bone, and a chicken flavored souper bone— all for $25! Their nylabones are half the price than what you'd find at Petco. Plus, the standard ground shipping took only 2 days! I got free shipping, but if you don't, the cost isn't bad at all. Don loves his galileo bone- I think he likes all the corners and bumps. He's determined to eat the entire thing. silly boy :)


  1. wow what a lucky dog so many new toys, ssshhhh don't tell waffle!


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