Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun with Friends

Today, Don's best friend Maya came over. Maya is my friend's dog, who lives just down the street, and she's a goldendoodle (yes, goldendoodles can be black). Maya is so well behaved and such a love. Her energy level is a ways lower than Don's though. Since it was hot again today, I filled up the kiddie pool and let the dogs have at it. Maya, being a water dog, jumped in and tried to take a nap. Don wasn't quite as thrilled with the whole water aspect as he'd rather run around the yard in a crazy frenzy. The two played for a long time. Maya wanted to rest, but Don kept initiating play, chasing her, and pouncing on top of her. Maya found 7 ancient tennis balls in our yard, which Don then stole from her, and pranced around the yard in perfect bliss (until I was able to correct him and take them away). Here are the pictures from the playdate:

The handsome wet boy. His fur looks really neat when it's wet- you can't see in this photo, but it gets all curled and makes a white/brown crosshatch pattern.

Maya was the first to hop in the pool, then Don joined her. This was the only picture when they weren't racing around.

Don leaping from the pool onto an exhausted Maya, who is rolling around in the grass, getting nice n' muddy.

Again, Don racing from the (now muddy) water to play chase with Maya. He kept on spilling the water from the pool onto the grass.

Incoming!!! Maya racing across our lawn, with Don in tow.

Finally. Maya gets a nice break the pool from the overly friendly puppy. Good girl, Maya- thanks for playing with Don despite his puppyness.


  1. Maya is such a pretty dog!!
    Looks like a fun playdate!


  2. What a fun time! Don looks SO much like his half brother Focus they both have what I call "eye liner" around their eyes!

  3. Katlynn, Don and Focus really do look like half brothers. There practically identical, in both looks and temperament!

  4. So glad that Don could have a playdate! Although it's always slightly disappointing when the other dog doesn't have the desired energy level. We run into that all the time at the dog park. Like Don, Cabana just wants to chase and be chased--but not all other dogs have the stamina or inclination.

    We NEED to get a baby pool this year--that looks too fun! Last year, I waited until too late in the summer. I looked in every store I could think of, but they were all sold out. This time, the first one I see, I'm buying!

  5. That's a great pic you got of Maya! She looks soooooo cute. And I love the "Incoming!!" one; her ears are flying out, and it looks like they're standing up straight!

  6. Love the photos! Looks like they had so much fun!


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