Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is he really that old?

I can't believe how old my puppy has gotten! A year? Already? Don will be turning 1 year old tomorrow. I've only got a couple more months left with the big boy :( We will be very busy practicing our dog distractions until then!
Don is doing great. I'm short on time tonight, but I will be doing a big birthday post soon. Don is having a birthday celebration tomorrow with his friend Maya.
We've been very busy. Don continues to be a very good boy at school. The other day, Don had a playdate with his friend Silky, who I puppysat a little while ago. Today, Don spent the day at the GDB kennels because my mom was chaperoning my brother's field trip. He got a new collar while he was there- his old one had fallen apart. Its so nice and shiny now! When we went to pick him up, he was so happy to see us. He got all wiggly and his did his "happy ears", where his ears go back. He has been sleeping ever since he got home ( I think he missed his comfy bed).
I have lots of pictures to post, hopefully soon. School has gotten pretty busy lately, but I hope to find time to talk about what Don and I have been doing.

Costco with Don! Just one of the many places we've been lately!

Happy birthday, big boy!


  1. He is so big & handsome!
    Happy Birthday Don!

  2. Time flies by so quickly...
    Happy Birthday Don!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Don. Silky missed seeing you today at puppy club. She was kind of bonkers anyway, jumping everywhere and on every puppy. She finally settled down when we brought out the "protocol".

    Congrats on your beautiful puppy.

  4. Don and I were very disappointed to miss the meeting (I was at a volleyball tournament). I'm sure Silky and Don would've loved to see each other again. I have lots of pictures of them playing that I will post soon- they are adorable!!

  5. hello! Dinah is doing well, She is dog distracted but a very sweet girl. Her raisers LOVE her and she is gorgeous :-)


  6. Glad to hear that Dinah is doing well! I am also working on dog distractions with Don- it must run in the family :)


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