Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Samuel/Lani litter puppysittee!

I am no longer puppyless— for 3 weeks! As many of you know, Lani and Samuel had a litter. A raiser in our club is the breeder keeper for Samuel and just received her new pup. However, due to the Parvo outbreak at GDB (if you haven't heard about it, please view their website) their little girl has to be quarantined for 21 days... so, when her raiser goes to work during the week, I'm the lucky one who gets puppy breath :D :D I'll be writing a huge update about this little girl later tonight, but for now...

Welcome to Mt. Tam Guides MISSY!

(adorable pictures to come soon- this girl is so sweet and is just melting my heart... And at only 7 1/2 weeks she's doing DYB great. such a cuddle-bug I AM IN LOVE )


  1. post them now! now! now!
    we were wondering where and when her pups were going to go out. We hope that one will be heading our way. What is Samuel like? Lani was always such a good pup eager to please and one who loves to snuggle. Can't wait to see the pictures
    Carrie and Waffles

  2. She is darling! (I saw your pictures on Facebook.) How fun to have a puppy for several days a week. Silky will be recalled soon and as sad as that is, we're looking forward to getting a new puppy over here, too.


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