Saturday, October 10, 2009

5 Months and Blind Babies Foundation Picnic

Don is officially 5 months this weekend. I can't believe I've already had him for 3 months! Don's making progress each day and getting BIGGER and BIGGER (not to mention clumsier- he's doesn't really know where his body is at times). Last week, his "reign" of our house got expanded 1 more room and he's doing fine despite the occasional moment when chooses socks over his toys.

Today, our group (Mt. Tam Puppy Raisers) went to the Blind Babies Foundation 60th anniversary picnic at Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was a great experience for Don with lots of children, working CCI/ Guide dogs, puppies in training, music, and dancing. The event was a resource day for blind, visually impaired, or multi-disabled children and their families. We walked the puppies around and had them greet the children and introduced families to Guide Dogs. Don was really well behaved with the young kids and loved giving them kisses :). I enjoyed talking to puppy raisers from other local puppy clubs. I met Poppy from the "Poppy's Poop Scoop" blog. (I didn't actually realize that the Poppy I met was from the blog until later). I actually remembered my camera this time and took a ton of photos. I'm a pretty bad photographer, so don't get excited :) .

Don in the car on his way to Guide Dogs (I love living close by)

First, we watched the Aztec dancing with Alise (the black lab on the right). I had Alise (now 7 months) for two weeks while her transfer home was being decided. Don was very interested in the drums, but then decided to sniff the grass instead.

Another photo of the pretty girl.
After the Aztec dancer was over, Don and I went for a walk with a potential youth raiser new to our club. She got to walk Don and he did really well with her. The kennels were open, so we stopped in to look at all the adorable puppies.
Next, we met up with Maren, a 14 month old black lab, and Digby, a 10 month old black lab/golden retriver, both from our club. Don spent the last weekend with Maren and his raisers and loves playing with her. (Below Maren and Don pose for a shot together- Don's almost as big as her).

Don, Maren, and Digby got to play in one of the runs.

Sharing a kong.
I love this one :D
Time for some water. Don only wanted to drink out of the bowl Maren was drinking out of. If she'd change bowls, so would she- it was hilarious.

There was a table set up for the kid's handprints. Maren's raisers asked if they could get Maren's pawprint and they said yes- it turned out great. All three dogs were very tired after playtime and waited patiently for Maren to get her pawprints done.
Don used Digby for his pillow :)
We had to stop one more time at the kennels before leaving.
These two boys were adorable.
A dog named Indigo. I recognized the name from one of the blogs I follow, so I took a picture. (Not really sure whos dog it is, but... felt I should take a photo)

After the event was over, we went to do some shopping at eat at Pasta Pomodoro. They were very nice there and even offered Don a bowl of water. Don being a good boy and sleeping under the table :) .
Walking through the parking lot. Don's a pretty good walker since he was put on the food protocol. It's extremely helpful.

I took Don to Old Navy. I've never seen a store more crowded in my life. They were having their giant Anniversary Sale and the line stretched to the back of the store (my mom decided to come back another day to return the shirt)

Finally- home. Don was very tired and crashed soon after this photo was taken.

And, to conclude my long photo-filled post, a picture of Don modeling his new bandana.
Thats all for now,
Lauren and Don


  1. Oh what a good boy! I wish I could have gone to that picnic, but I live too far away. :[
    In that very first photo, Don looks EXACTLY like Spike, just a little stockier. How much does he weigh now?

  2. I KNEW Don's name was familiar to me when we met you on Saturday! Couldn't place how though! We were there with Miss Poppy, who was practically perfect in every way :) Nice to meet ya - sort of! I wish we had figured it out then! We could have taken blog pictures. I love your little tank of a puppy!

  3. All throughout the day, I kept wondering where I'd heard the name Poppy! I agree- we missed a perfect photo op! Hopefully Guide Dogs will host more of these events in the future- it was a great experience for the dogs. Poppy is such a beautiful girl. I couldn't help noticing how calm and well-mannered she was around all those children!

    That's a good question- he's never been weighed after his 16 wk check-up (he was 32 lbs. then). I think that I will be weighing him sometime soon! For now, all I know is that he is WAY to heavy to carry, and VERY strong :)

  4. 32lbs at 16 wks?! Are you serious?!?!?! Is that even possible?!
    Spike, at 5 1/2 months is 36lbs. (just weighed him like 5 minutes ago)
    So either Don is a giant or Spike is a midget. Or both.
    Jeez. That is amazing.

  5. According to the scale, Don officially weighs.....
    48 lbs!!! Quite a lot for a 5 month puppy. I guess Don is a giant (he couldn't even fit on the scale- I had to hold him and just about collapsed!!

  6. My puppy Pepe is 6 months old and only weighs 41 lbs!


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