Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally, a post long overdue

Don's growing like a weed these past few weeks. Don was very happy to get his "big boy" medium size puppy coat on Saturday and is going more and more places each day. To sum up these past two (possibly three now) blogless weeks, here is a somewhat accurate list of what Don and I did. 

1. Don went to Sunday school for the very first time. I was a bit nervous because Don's usually rambunctious in the morning and we hadn't had time for a walk. However, the noisy kids didn't phase him one bit (except the one who decided he could pet Don without asking) and Don soon fell right asleep. I didn't even have to pull out his dental dino :D. He went again this past Sunday but was a little overwhelmed- I'd forgotten that their was a big in-gathering brunch being held. It took him a little while to settle down and he whined a bit which I wasn't too happy about. All in all, Sunday school is great for Don- he's really learned to control himself around all the high energy children.

2. Don went to a puppy meeting last sat. We were planning to meet at a park, but at the last minute, our leader called us with a change of plan- the park was being used for a dog show and therefore very chaotic. So, we moved on to plan B- a nearby schoolyard. We got there and all was well, until it started to rain. Puppies and all, we gathered under a nearby awning and talked about the FIR. Don was very good when it was his turn to practice come, even though he was a bit distracted by the rain (he'd never seen it before and kept looking up at the sky then the water on the ground). 

3. Don got a new, comfy dog bed (50% off from Pet Food Express!), two new Nylabones, and a new orange juice carton to bat around. (By the way, the site Omaha Vaccine ( has great prices on Nylabones and other GDB approved toys- more than half off what you'd pay in stores!)

Don with his new Nylabone- as you can see, he's not the biggest fan of it (he only likes his Nylabones once they're worn in :D

And, after all of the shopping...
This turned out to be Don's favorite toy :)

4. Don got to go on a "playdate" with a couple CCI dogs in our neighborhood. He had so much fun with the other dogs and even got to play in the kiddie pool- Don's quite the water lover. As soon as he was drenched with water, he decided to flop down in the dirt- earning him a bath when we got home. 

This was actually Don's first bath as he'd never really gotten all that dirty before. Looking at the water, you can see that it was well needed. 

5. This is Don's highlight of the week- he got bumped up to two cups of  Science Diet a day. Increase in food=
...a very happy puppy :D. 

~And, to end this hopefully not-to-boring post, some random pictures:

Don with his Kong on our outside patio.

Again, with his Kong.

Some downtime in the kitchen.

And lastly, Don in his x-pen before we expanded his reign to all of the kitchen.

That concludes the summary of our very busy last three weeks! Now that I'm all caught up, my posts can get back to the current stuff. Don is going on a hike with the rest of our puppy raising club this saturday, so that will be a good opportunity for photo taking! I can't believe how quickly Don is growing up- he's almost 4 1/2 months now! 


  1. Gosh he has been getting big!! Sounds like a very fun and busy three weeks. He seems like a sweetie!

  2. He is getting big! By the way, thanks so much for all of the great tips about taking a dog to school and letting me know where to get the jacket pockets. I'm ordering one today and can't wait to get it- so many people look at Don from the front and have no idea that he's a guide dog in training!

  3. Wow, Don and Spike DO look quite a bit alike.

    And thanks for that website! I'll probably end up buying a few things from there.

  4. Such a cutie! Hope you have a nice weekend, too!

  5. Very cute puppy. I can't wait to see pictures of your hike.

  6. He is soo cute! He looks alot like his sister (Dinah)-who also LOVES water!!


  7. It must run in the family :) I was on vacation during Fun Day this summer, so I didn't get to meet any of Don's littermates and their raisers. I'm looking forward to following Dinah's progress! Do you know the whereabouts of any of the other littermates?


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