Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hiking on the Beach with Don!

A couple weekends ago, Don joined us on a hike along Point Reyes National Seashore. It was a really long hike, but Don was a trooper. He loves long walks! I was slightly worried when we first set foot on the sand, because Don went crazy, spinning around and getting super excited wen his paws sunk into the sand. There were also lots of off leash dogs. The first 5 mins of the hike were quite chaotic, but with the food protocol and some puppy handling to calm him down, he eventually relaxed. He actually walked past dogs without getting too distracted!

Don walked a little ways with my brother, and he was well behaved. I decided to let Don swim a bit, and he had the time of his life! Unfortunately, I forgot the longline, so I had to run around in the water with Don. When it was time to continue our walk, Don was not very happy about getting out of the water- and kept trying to jump back in.

We hiked all the way out to the tidepools and back. The hike was about five hours— Don was getting a bit frustrated in this photo. He was tired of having to walk like a good boy when there was so much water to play in and sand to eat!

Don turned 13 months June 7th! He continues to be a great boy at school- there is nothing better than being in class with a dog resting his head on you!

As much as I enjoy taking Don to school, Don and I are really looking forward to summer. More walks, more outings, and more fun! Can't wait.


  1. I love summers with the puppies. When I had time to work with Freya last summer she got so much better. Of course, I wasn't allowed to take her to school so she was with my dad the whole time and he's a bit more leniant than I am. :)Don looks like he's so happy!

  2. All your pictures are always good - but that first picture looks like a painting!

  3. Oh Don! How I love your face! Please stay out until Fun Day! I want to see that face again in person!

    Send me a note where you went that dogs are allowed at Pt Reyes! We've been kicked off their beaches in the past :( And not allowed on their bus :(

  4. 5 hours is a long hike! And a very long time for a puppy to be good and well-behaved. Great job, Lauren and Don!

  5. Don, you did great...that is a long time to be good & we're proud of you!

  6. Don's doing great! Happy Summer!


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