Tuesday, June 1, 2010

San Francisco with Don- Go SF Giants!

The other weekend, my brother's chorus was performing at the SF Giants baseball game, so I decided to go with Don. It was a great experience for Don. I walked him on some busy city streets, and all over the Giants stadium. He loved it! Don always behaves so well in busy cities. For Don, the more distractions the better. He did great with the crowds.
Don in the car, going to SF. Riding in the car is one of Don's favorite pastimes. He loves watching people as they go by.
Don was a good boy walking past all the food stands, then up the stairs. When we got to our seats though, Don is so big that I had a hard time getting him to settle under my chair. He kept standing up and nearly wagged his tail in someone's face. oops. After a while, he sat down and got comfy- that is, until the person in back of us spilled his drink, which cascaded down the rows of chairs until it reached Don (much to his delight). Once that was cleaned up, Don settled and we watched the chorus.
There they are singing the national anthem. Don found the speakers very interesting at first.
We were sitting in the very top row, so when the wind picked up the flags made a lot of noise. This was a great exposure for Don, who enjoyed watching them (pictured above).
Don was getting a bit bored of the game, so I took him for a walk all around the park. We walked by the Coca Cola slide and lots of little kids, which Don was great with. While we were walking, someone hit a homerun, and these big fountains sprayed water in the air. Don enjoyed seeing that.
Then, we walked along the water. Don LOVES water, and I'm sure he wished he could of gone swimming. We practiced a couple down stays then went on to climb the stairs and practice some food avoidance by the concession stands.

Don crashed back at our seats, and slept for the last inning. He didn't even wake up when everyone started cheering because the Giants won.

The stadium was so crowded, it took half an hour to get out of the park, but Don didn't seem to mind. Here he is walking along the sidewalk.

We stopped to have Don do his business, then Don watched the fountains at this park. He wanted to go in the big fountain :)

Back in the car, Don attempted to sit on my lap. Don is not the cuddly type, but there wasn't anywhere else in the car to sit. A second after this photo was taken, Don got up, pushing my head into the window. Clumsy, clumsy Don. He bangs his head on everything in our house.

Don decided that the arm rest was more comfy than my lap.

Don and his sleeping positions :) Life is hard when you're so big!


  1. My husband would be very jealous that Don got to see the Giants play! :)

    He looks quite comfy in your lap!!

  2. That's a wonderful outing for a pup-in-training! The photo of Don on your lap is hilarious--he definitely doesn't make a good lap dog! But it sounds like he's doing a great job in everything else. Way to go!!

  3. What a great outing!

    The first & second to last picture are AWEOSME!

  4. I was wondering if you knew anything about Digby? I thought I had your email address but can't find it. :) Last time I saw he was in Phase 7, but that was weeks ago. My email is smilinshell1(at)msn(dot)com.


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