Sunday, August 15, 2010

Puppy meeting! (and new puppy Danelle)

Saturday was puppy class, so we headed off to Guide Dogs. We got there a little early so Don could play with Silky (she has a blog now). Nougat and Quebec were there too! Don didn't get much playtime in, but he had a fun time running with Silky and playing tug with Nougat. Isn't Nougat an awesome name? And she's the color of nougat! (above, Don sits next to the grape vine on our porch)
Silky taking a break in the shade.
Don get's all his puppy energy out in a battle of tug with Silky.
Nougat galloping across the play yard, ears flapping and tongue hanging out. Isn't she cute?
Nougat :) The only one who would smile for the camera. GOOD GIRL!
The puppy class was excellent- the theme was "a walk in the park". We practiced taking left and right turns with our dogs, without any verbal cue, to teach them to be more attentive.

I was so proud of Don! He did really well- there is hope yet for his dog distractions!! Actually, he really wasn't dog distracted. He's always been great at turning and stopping- but I was a bit nervous about how he'd do with tons of other dogs around him. ... and, we had to do the exercise with the leash on the flat collar. I had visions of Don pulling in the direction of other dogs; of me correcting like crazy! but, have no fear... Don was great :) He turned when I turned, ignored the other dogs, and stopped the second I stopped. He did well when another raiser handled him, too.

While Don was walking with another raiser, I got to work with Danelle (sp?) (Dagan's sister!) who was just transferred to our club. She was really sweet, and did great as well! She ignored the other dogs and had some pretty awesome turns!

Overall, puppy class was great! Don's 15 months now!- which means he's going back soon- possibly even September :( I'm starting school next week, so I'm not sure if Don will be going for a while. The other day, I had a school orientation, and my mom had forgotten that she had jury duty. So, Don went to jury duty with my mom! She said he settled well :)

I can't wait for the next puppy class- it's going to be at a horse farm!


  1. How cool that you're doing class at a horse farm :) Don will do great when he goes back, it's not easy, but he'll do good things! Do you think you'll raise again?

  2. Nougat has an adorable face! But I think her name would be hard to say--I don't know how to pronounce it. Is it Nooget or Nuhget? How great that Don is getting over his dog distraction--terrific job!

  3. Nooget- it is a hard name to pronounce! I usually end up saying nuget by accident :)

  4. Don is growing up....he's so huge! Love his handsome face. :)

  5. Good work with Don, sounds like your work on his dog distraction has paid off!

  6. That is great re: dog distractions -- such an important one for these guides! Are you going to be to the gdb celebration at the end of the month?


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