Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super fun, photo filled, FUN DAY 2010 post!!

Don and I had an awesome Fun Day!! What can I say, but it was FUN!! really, really, really fun :) This was my second fun day, but first fun day with a puppy! Last year, I was out of town, which was pretty sad considering I live so close to GDB! To kick off the Fun Day celebrations, I attended the Follow the Trainer. It was really cool being able to see how they train the dogs in formal training. I never knew how the guide dogs are expected to walk from curb to curb and it was really neat seeing them teach "Left" "Right" and "Hop up". First I saw Apple, who did really well. The trainer was really impressed with her performance (it was her first lesson!), and she seemed so happy and eager to please. I never knew how fast the guide dogs go! Don is going to like that :) I also saw Dex, who was a huge, handsome black lab, and Salsa (isn't that a great name?).

It was a pretty hectic afternoon for me after the Follow the Trainer because I needed to pack for my vacation to San Diego (we were leaving right after Fun Day). Miraculously, I managed to get everything done and I got to Fun Day before the opening ceremonies! There were so many presentations, I didn't know what to see first! I watched the opening ceremony (the speeches were great!) then the fun began! I saw photos of Don's parents (Bosworth and Gail). Then I got my green leash from Megan (thank you!), which I love. It gave me something to do in the car ride to San Diego- I broke it in quite a bit!
Above, Don in the car on our way to Fun Day. He was soo tired, but he knew something was up. When we got there, he was so eager to jump out of the car!

Above, Don's father, Bosworth. He definitely got his father's coat!
Above, Don's mom, Gail. Don looks just like her!

I really wanted to see what the vendor booths had, so I headed there. It was SO cool. I was in heaven with all the GDB shirts and puppy raising things! I got a Born to Lead shirt from Mimi and Cabana and Cassie and Dagan, which I LOVE. The graphic is so cool! I also got an "Ask Me About My Puppy Shirt" with all the answers to common questions on the back, which I thought was pretty funny. I got to meet Dagan, which was awesome!
Hi, I'm Don. You must be Dagan!
Don sitting next to Dagan. Isn't Dagan handsome? I loved getting to say hi to him. Thanks to Mimi for taking this photo!

I also got to meet a lot of other people from the blogging world. Standing in line for lunch, I ran into Sarah with Rafferty, Mandy with Cancun, and Megan with Kyle!! I also met Kaytlynn with Ryder (he is SO handsome and sweet). Later, I met Halette and Tenaya! And of course, Don wanted to say hi to Silky from my club.
Don with Rafferty, Cancun, and Kyle as we waited in line for the BBQ lunch.

I think the highlight of the day for me (and Don) was getting to meet his littermates. I was having a bit of trouble finding Don's litter, but then two GIANT black lab look-alikes walked towards us, and I knew they had to be Don's brothers. Sure enough, they were. Delaware and Diablo look so similar. And they all have the big heads (apparently Bosworth is known for his head :) ). Don was actually the smallest one there (Diablo was 85 pounds!!) but Don had the biggest head.
It was so cute- Don, Delaware, and Diablo got so excited. I think they remembered each other. Above, Don and Delaware are both doing their "happy ears". It must be a family trait!
Don: I've missed you sooo much! Above, Don displays some brotherly love and happiness :)
It was really nice meeting some of Don's littermates. Dinah's raisers were there too, but they just happened to be on vacation and didn't have Dinah with them. Dinah sounds really sweet.
I talked with the other raisers, who were all really nice. Delaware and Diablo are both really calm dogs, and all the dogs like to lay on their back in really funny positions! It also appeared that dog distractions are a family trait :) They sound like really great dogs.
Delaware- doesn't he look just like Don (well, minus the black coat...)
It was sad to leave, but we plan on staying in touch. Don gave everyone a goodbye kiss. Good luck to the Bosworth/Gail "D" litter as they enter formal training within the next few months!

The fun day activities were great. I really liked the Juno walk. I'd always wondered what it felt like to hold a harness. And of course, I had to look at all the adorable puppies in the kennels.

Can't wait for next years fun day! I wonder what the theme will be?


  1. It was really fun to meet you and Don!! I do agree that Bosworth is known for his big heads as Focus (my last puppy who was a Bosworth puppy) had a huge head a lot like Don's. That is how i recognized Don by his big head :) Ryder is really sweet but he was SO not showing it on Fun Day he was being a hormonal freak! Hopefully I will see you again next Fun Day :)

  2. It looks like you and Don had a WONDERFUL time! I wish I could have been there to meet everyone but there is always next year right!?!? I'm looking forward to the Oregon Fun Days this weekend. :)

    It's always fun to meet the litter mates and see how much they are alike!

  3. Hey, you didn't happen to get any pictures of Dex while you were following him did you?

  4. Sounds like a great time, and fun to see all the other pups too!

  5. It was nice getting to meet you and Don. Hope to see you next year. We have a training meeting tomorrow so if Donner shows up, I will post photos.

  6. Katlynn, haha!! "hormonal freak" he wasn't that bad... he seems like a really sweet boy!

    Erin, sorry, but no I didn't. I forgot my camera :( Dex is such a handsome, big boy. He did really well (they said he was class-ready). Was Dex in your club?

    GDB Puppy Sitter, I totally agree, there is always next year! I hope I get to go to the Oregon Fun Day someday!

  7. ChrisAnna- awesome! thanks! I hope Donner shows up :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time. Must have been fun to see all those littermates and blogger friends

  9. I loved seeing a picture of Kyle with Don. I wish I could have taken Kyle to fun day, but I am glad that he got to go with Megan. At least Kyle got to meet some of our blogging friends. :)


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