Sunday, January 15, 2012


Suzanne/Jenkins 10.8.11 Right Shoulder Female Yellow Lab

Happiness is a warm [guide dog] puppy.

There is something about being handed a warm, squiggling bundle of fur that makes everything seem right with the world. Thursday was quite the memorable day for me. Knowing that I was driving over to Guide Dogs right after school got out, it was such a long day. My friends probably got sick of me talking about my little Ms. K every minute (I kinda got carried away looking up my pup's parents and grandparents and greatgrandparents.. It just so happens that I know the breeder keeper of my pup's grandfather, Russo,.. my friends don't exactly see the excitement in that news).. but new puppy thoughts definitely took precedence over atomic theory and chemistry equations :)

At Guide Dogs I waited not-so-patiently for my new puppy. In the kennel kitchen I saw the bag with "Katrina" on it. I love this pretty name. When I got my puppy assignment for letter "K" I was worried Guide Dogs might name a dog "Kat" haha- it was a close call!

Waiting with me in the kennel kitchen was my family and Don's owner. As you may remember, Don (my first puppy) was career changed and adopted by his instructor at Guide Dogs. It is the perfect home for him and we've stayed in touch.

So, there was quite a large crowd waiting for little Katrina to arrive.... Time never passes so slowly than when waiting for a guide dog puppy... then the door swung upon and a tech walked in carrying my puppy in her arms. She asked for someone strong to hold her, she so was so big. But fr 13 weeks, she's a petite little girl.
Puppy love is like no other! Katrina put her paws on my chest and gave me a big kiss :) What a sweetheart. She was so happy to be pet and cuddled in my arms- it was adorable. She is a beautiful color- more of a tawny, golden color; her coloring is pretty similar to Don's when he was a pup. She's got a little pink spot on her lips that looks like lipstick, the softest ears, and a tiny speckled nose.
Katrina was a bit shell-shocked out in the "real world". Above, the guide dog puppy "veterans" check out the new guy :) Do you recognize the dog on the left? It's Don! (now Sanford). It was great to see him and have him meet Katrina. Don still does the same happy dance with his ears :)

Back at home, I discovered what a little cuddlebug Katrina is! She wants to be with you every second, with her head on your lap or (her favorite) sitting on your lap and staring right at you... like "hey, lets have a talk!".

So far, she hasn't been very mouthy (knock on wood!). We've been working on pottying on command (today I think we're finally getting there!) and sit (she's so cute- she sits and then when you tell her "good job" she gets so happy she runs to you and plops herself on your lap :D ).

She is such a little cutie! But put her on a tie down or in her crate, and you will hear it! She's quite the vocal little girl.. we're working on it though. As hard as it is to ignore her adorableness, I think we will need some more "ignore the adorable puppy!" sessions.

Above, I think Katrina finally realized that the "tie-down monster" wasn't going to eat her :) She was a tired puppy after her first day at home, and slept soundly through the night.

Saturday morning, Katrina attended her first puppy meeting. She was a very good girl. She has a softer personality, but was fine being in new surroundings. She got to meet Bella, a 10 week old black lab puppy; they were so cute together!

Then, on to her first outing- Panera Bread! Our group of 4 adorable puppies was quite the attraction in the restaurant. Lots of people came up to pet Katrina, and she did great. She was so exhausted that she fell right asleep, next to her "mentor" France, a 1 year old black lab. Good dogs!
Back at home, Katrina was not very happy to be put on her tie down.

But she soon fell fast asleep!

A tired puppy is a good puppy :)

We're having a lot of fun together!

She is a sweetheart and I'm looking forward to a wonderful year together. Let the puppy raising journey begin, round 2!


  1. Katrina is absolutely adorable! I'm sure you already love her. I do, too, just from your description. She looks like a BIG puppy! Post often!

  2. She is so cute! :) I love yellow lab puppies.

  3. @ Mimi- yes, I love her so much! Im glad to be back to blogging and will definitely post often :)

  4. She's such a cutie! Definitely a pup to post pictues often. I hope you have lots of fun with her. :D She's also got such a great name.

  5. Katrina is adorable! I just got my fourth puppy for CCI, Hunter, on the 4th! Looking forward to hearing more about Katrina.

  6. Love her name she looks soo cuddly! Give her a hug for me ;)

  7. Hi Y'all,

    Now that is sweet.

    Y'all started right off going and doing. Once she has a chance to really settle in...;)

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Hi Y'all,

    I'm back to let y'all know I'm passing the Pawsome Blogger Award to y'all. Please stop by tomorrow to pick up your award.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Thanks BrownDog! Katrina and I appreciate it!

  9. That's awesome. I think you're doing a great job with these puppy. Giving her purpose just makes a dog a whole lot happier.

    I got here from Hawky- browndogcbr.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. Thanks! I agree, its great to see how happy both dog and partner are in the guide dog relationship!


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