Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm a bad, bad blogger

So sorry- I've been swamped with homework and have been busy ever since the start of school. I promise a very long post with lots of photos is on the way! Maybe tomorrow if I finish this big research project tonight.  


  1. Hey Lauren,
    To answer your question about school, I would start with telling them about GDB and how much going to school aides in the dogs training. I remember having to ask my principal, teachers and the janitor before taking my pup to school. I told them of my plan if the puppy became distracting in class I could have my mom pick them up or if my dog had an accident I would always pack around stuff to clean it up with. Definitely have a plan in case different things happen while the dog is in school they will want to know. I also asked if I could know in advance if there was going to be a fire/earthquake drill during school so i wouldn't bring the dog that day because the dog might be in the way or be overwhelmed. It takes a lot of planning before you can take a pup to school but it is definitely worth it and is so much fun! Now that I am in college I don't really ask, I just show up in class with my dog and nobody has every said anything. :D Good luck, I hope Don can go with you, he is an ADORABLE pup. Hope that is helpful, if you have any more questions let me know. :D

  2. Hey Lauren,
    The jacket sleeves don't come with the puppy coat. There is a puppy club in California that make and sell them. I bought it from them. Here is the link where you can get one:
    I really love mine, it makes the coat so much nicer and people notice more when you are in public which is wonderful. It also has a pocket on the inside for GDB business cards. (although I usually stick a clean up bag in mine.) :D Hope that helps.


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