Friday, August 21, 2009

Don is Back!

Don has had a busy week since he returned from the puppysitters. He was very excited to see us (he did his happy little tail wagging, wiggling puppy dance). Then again, he does this to everyone he meets. He got much bigger and a his coat really darkened. Don got a great report from his first puppy sitter. They took him to Fun Day, a large gathering of puppy raisers at Guide Dogs, and he got to see two of his littermates. The report from the other family wasn't quite as stellar, but I was glad to hear that Don behaved well at the puppysitter's work which was at Guide Dogs and at a rehabilitation gym.

The first day Don was back at home he was an angel. He went to Trader Joes and was great with all the commotion and the tempting yummies on the floor. The next day, his friendliness sort of diminished and now he's back to his old, somewhat distant self. I think he reasoned that we weren't going to leave him with the puppysitters anytime soon. Wed. night we took him to California Pizza Kitchen. It took a while for him to settle down and he wouldn't heed even the strongest corrections for licking the carpet. Oh well. Tonight, Don will be going to the mall and then out to dinner again, our biggest outing yet. I'll let you know how that went tomorrow, but for now I'll post some pictures that the puppysitters took of Don at Fun Day. 

The Calming Touch dog massage class at Fun Day
Poor Don...  the only one with a Gentle Leader.
 Don mixes it up with his littermates Donner and (most likely) Delaware.
California Fun Day Crowds


  1. Oh Lauren,

    How lucky am I to follow your adventures with Don (or maybe I should say Don's adventures with you)! Your mom told me about this site, and I was so thankful - I am so proud of you AND Don. I don't think I have ever seen a sweeter face (except maybe on Maz :0). Have fun - I cannot think of a better trainer than you! Miss you all (including Don - I feel like I know him through your posts)...

    Ms. Laricks

  2. Hi Lauren! Nice to blog-meet you and Don. So fun to see another Bosworth baby. I think we live in the same general vicinity, so I hope our paths will cross someday! Look forward to keeping updated through your blog!


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