Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don's Going to School!!!!

... this Wednesday, and I can't wait! It was a long process, talking to the principal and such, but I think it's going to be well worth it. My mom brought Don into the school the other day when dropping off my lunch, and the principal happened to come out of his office and notice them. So, my mom and him decided to talk more about the details and I got to get out of class for a minute to join in their conversation. I think it was helpful for my principal to be able to see Don in person, and we also gave him some references from other schools that had puppy raising students who brought their dog with them. We then went over to my spanish teachers class, who is a big fan of dogs, and she loved the idea- she's even been to GDB graduations before. I'm going to start out slow, and take Don to just one class this week, on wednesday. We'll see how it goes from there! For now, I've got to finish writing a flyer about etiquette around a working guide dog in training and compose an announcement that'll go over the PA system. I'll be sure to write a first day of school post, hopefully with lots of pictures!
The other day Don had to go into GDB for a vet appointment. My mom's friend's husband is a dog trainer there, so we talked to him. I saw two dogs I've heard of before- Pilot and Tahoe. Don LOVES the GDB vet, and is always so excited to see him. Maybe because he knows he has cookies :)
I don't have many interesting pictures of Don, but here are some of him hanging out in my room before bedtime.

Don laying down next to my bed. He wasn't very happy about me taking pictures when he was so tired.

Resting his GIANT head on his GIANT paw.

"Leave me alone!". Don hiding his head under my mattress.

"harumph. I'm leaving!"

Happy Easter everyone!

~Lauren and Don


  1. Congrats on taking Don to school, it is always fun to take the pups to their first day of school. Don look SO much like his half brother Focus, who I raised as my 2nd dog and he god CC'd and I placed him with a loving home nearby.

  2. Yay for taking Don to school! I'm sure he'll do great :)

  3. How exciting! :) Can't wait to hear about his first big day at school.

  4. Hooray! That's so exciting. I think you're right that it made a big difference for your principal to see Don himself. Great idea to start out slow. Don is going to be such a rock star--I hope the other kids will be respectful and keep their distance as needed. Be strict with them!!

    When I first saw your post title, I thought you meant Don was going to formal training school. I thought, oh no, not already! So I was a bit relieved when I saw what your post was really about. ;)


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