Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Photos with Don

Happy Easter everyone. This morning, I had to wake up early to get ready for church. Don was not very happy about getting up either, and kept wanting to go back to sleep on his pillow. My church LOVES Don, and most people there have met him before. The ministers are both very glad to have Don there, and one of them even wants to do a sermon about Don, before he goes in for formal training, to bless him and the organization. Don was great at church, better than usual, and took his morning nap sprawled out on the floor. He wore a special Easter themed ribbon around his collar :) Then, we went home and I got a couple Easter pictures of Don and my family minutes before the downpour (that hasn't stopped since).

Don sitting next to my Easter basket this morning, after returning from church. You can sort of see the ribbon I wrapped around his collar.

A close up of Don's festive collar! If you click, it should enlarge. Does anyone know how to make pictures on blogger bigger? I have them on the 'large' setting, but it's not very big. Maybe I need to switch templates? Are there websites with other templates?

Don in his vest, outside on our lawn. I finally got him to look at the camera! Sometime this week, when the weather clears up, I'm going to take some pictures of Don for the GDB calendar in a more scenic setting (maybe Mt. Tam, the bay, or S.F.).

What would Easter be without some pictures of my bunny, Rosie? Here she is investigating my camera case. Its so hard taking photos of rabbits- they're way too fast.

We often make mazes for Rosie with books, containers, and various items around the house. Here she is jumping up on a plastic box and binders. I've just received a couple of blogging awards that I'm looking forward to writing about- I'll talk more about them sometime this week.



  1. Happy Easter!
    Don looks great in his Easter collar!

  2. Looks like you got some nice big baskets from the Easter bunny--and how fun that you have your own bunny! Rosie is adorable.

    As far as making the photos larger, yes, you do have to pick a wider template. You can adjust your current template, too, but it's kind of convoluted. I changed the width on my "craft" blog, but it took me a while to do.

    Once you pick a wider template, making the photos big is easy. It's still not automatic, but it's only 2 small steps. I'll email you the directions if you want.

  3. Hoping that you have an eggs-tra special Easter Sunday and hopping that the week ahead is everything you dream it to be☺

  4. For the question you had
    "How long will Fresca get to stay in your house?"

    It is undecided how long Fresca (the goat) will stay inside.
    It really depends on how many times my Raiser will let her jump on the couch...


  5. Sounds like a great Easter...cute touch with that ribbon!

  6. Happy Easter!!! Love the photos. That's okay the photos are not too large. It makes it hard for my internet to load the page if the photos are too large! I like the festive collar.


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