Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shopping With Silky

My mom and brother needed to run a few errands, so I decided to take Silky along. I figured the mall would be a good place for socializing and training. Silky did really well. I kept her on the flat collar the entire time because she wasn't pulling towards other people or distractions. She went for some things on the ground a couple times, but not much. I was amazed at how she completely ignored this dog we walked past, staying in the perfect heel position. We practiced some commands too, and when I asked her to DYB on the cement, she quickly complied. Good girl!

Resting in the car...

Hi, Silky. (A closeup of Silky's adorable black snout and nose)

Waiting to get in the elevator. She's a fearless dog- nothing has scared her, even this loud elevator.

Waiting patiently in Macy's.

Sigh. How long does it take for him to try clothes on?

Silky started to get tired. When I put some clothes down on the floor, she curled up and fell asleep :)

Then, we went to Kohl's and got some wrapping paper and looked around.

There are lots of interesting sights and sounds here, Silky!

Silky outside the mall. She did really well with all the people, sounds, and sights.

Closeup of her beautiful face.

After many hours of shopping, Silky is one TIRED dog. When we got back in the car, Silky curled up in a little ball and went to bed. We are swapping back today at GDB. I really hope the rain stops and it gets sunny, because we were planning on having Silky and Don play for a bit. The GDB dog runs can get pretty muddy.
It was so much fun getting to work with Silky. She is such a sweet dog- this morning she laid on my lap and chewed her bone for an hour. Can't wait to hear how Don did!


  1. It's amazing how different each dog is, don't you think? I'm glad you got such an easy swap. I love the name Silky. It just makes you want to love on her!

  2. Silky does seem like a real sweetheart. What a nice personality. Glad the swap's going well...

  3. I love puppy-swapping! (should say loveD when I had my own puppy :D)

  4. Puppy swapping is lots of fun!
    Silky looks like she is doing well!

    Dogless Raiser

  5. Silky looks so silky!! We will dog swap soon in our group!


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