Friday, July 30, 2010

Check out this new GDB blog!

Hi guys, just wanted to share with you a new GDB puppy raiser blog. Silky's raiser, who is in my puppy club, has started blogging! Her blog is "Puppy Raising in Point Richmond". She also raised Maren, a female black lab who was career changed. So, go check it out and welcome them to the puppy-raising blogging world :) Their blog is awesome and photo-filled. Do you remember Silky? I puppysat her awhile ago and she is also Don's favorite puppy pal! She goes on many adventures, you can read about her latest outing to Cal.
(Silky when I puppysat her)

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  1. Yeah! Love new blogs! Please pass along my info to Danell's family - at least Dagan's blog :) I'd love to hear how she is doing! I also have links to all sorts of baby pics and videos from their litter raisers too. Thanks!


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