Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good News All Around

The title says it all- Don's doing great! Yesterday, we dropped Don of at Guide Dogs to hang out with our club leader while we spent the day at the lake (Don hasn't gotten his 16 wk. vaccines). I went tubing on my uncle's motorboat and even went for a swim. It was only 58 degrees when we got there at 11:00, but it warmed up real fast. Don got a great report from our club leader. He spent the day in the puppy raising department where he slept on a tie down next to her desk. She also did some gentle leader work with him and now he is much more tolerant. She said he did great on walks and, I'm really happy about this part- NO ACCIDENTS!! Hurray!

Don had quite the productive day today. This morning, we worked on FIR (come) in the backyard and he handled the distractions (until he realized that grass was better than kibble). Then we worked on some sits, walking with the gentle leader, and the "that's enough" command. Now we've just got to fix the whining in the crate issue- any suggestions?

Lastly, I can't believe I forgot to post this, Don had a great time playing with Chia, Maureen, Ivani, and Queenie Sunday at our fellow puppy club member's house. Chia and Ivani are both CCI dogs (Chia's the breeder and Ivani was CC'd). Queenie was being puppy sat, and Maureen, another puppy in training, came to join in the fun. Don wanted to be friends with everyone- but only Maureen would tolerate his "puppyness". Queenie (who absolutely despised Don) is actually Don's "half-brother" - they're both Bosworth puppies- and look IDENTICAL! (I'll post photos when I get the chance). All the dogs had a fun time and I think these puppy playdates will become a regular thing. 


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