Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where's Don?

Don has made lots of new friends this week! He's spent the week with three puppy sitting families and their puppies in training. And where am I? In San Diego... constantly thinking about Don! I've been really fortunate to get experienced sitters- one who actually emails me daily updates about Don. (Thanks Mary!) It sounds like Don is being really good, excluding the whining in the crate. I guess the sitters have discovered the next problem to work on :(. Oh well, they said he had good relieving habits which I was just ecstatic to hear. Don's been hanging out with two older pups-in-training (Maren and Sherman) and two Cc'd dogs (Joe and Jack). The puppy sitters both work at Guide Dogs, so Don is spending the day at his birthplace, on tie-down in the puppy raising department. Well, that's about it. To make up for the lack of photos last week, I've included a couple that Don's puppy sitters took:

Close ups of Don in Xpen

Don and Maren, best buds

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  1. I enjoy all the posts on Don and will continue to follow his progress.


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