Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Puppy

Hi all,
I can't believe it's been three weeks since we picked up Don from the kennels at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. Shown right is Don's first day at home, a definitely hectic one. Just to recap (I should've started this blog a while ago) we picked him up on Monday, July 13th. Our puppy club leader had hinted that his name was not the best, much to my disappointment. So we came prepared, and when we were handed our joyful, wriggling pup, we just laughed at his one-syllable name, thinking that, on the bright side, Don would be an easy name to pronounce and nearly impossible to misspell. 
The past few weeks have been a wild ride. Don, who has already earned a reputation in the club as a "trying" dog, is slowing starting to get that he is, sadly (for him), not the king of the world. (Poor Don). He still has a bit of hope though, snapping and mouthing us the moment we let our attention wander from "Mr. Beasty". Typical puppy behavior, I hope. Slowly but surely he's progressing. Today I took him on an outing to an outdoor mall and he got to practice walking and meeting other people. After awhile, telling people that No, he's not a golden cross, he's pure lab, get's awfully annoying. Anyways, talking with our leader, she told us that Don is still finding his place in the family "pack." I guess there's hope for "Mr. Beasty" after all.

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