Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Best Friend (by Don)

Everyone needs a best friend....

Someone to sniff grass with
and run and run and run

Someone who delights in chewing your jowls and doesn't mind when you pounce on them
and will roll in the dirt with you

and cool off with you
if you are lucky, they might rub your belly when you roll over
Someone who you can sneak attack and roll over on the ground,
and she will still be your friend
Someone who you can steal toys from!!
Someone who you can play chase with and will never, ever tire!
Thanks for being my best friend, Silky!! That was a fun playdate :)
pant, pant, pant... I guess I am sorta tired :)

Lauren: Don and I are busy getting ready for Fun Day! Only 1 more day- we can't wait! Tomorrow I get to do the follow the trainer, so that should be fun!
Almost forgot- I took this cute picture of Don in his cowboy gear.
He didn't like the hat though, so I won't make him wear it to fun day. It sure looked good on him, though! :)


  1. Don you look so handsome, we'll look for you at fun day.

  2. It looks like Don has been on the go lately with all these great outing and exposures.

    I know Donner is a big handsome guy, so I hope we get to see their similarities at Fun Day.

  3. That is a great size hat! We looked everywhere but all we could find were Woody hats from Build a Bear costumes. It works for Rocco, but it's a little small of Colorado.

  4. Don and Silky look like they're a good match for each other. Don's western outfit looks terrific--hope to see you at Fun Day!

  5. What a great best friend you have there Don! Super cute outfit though!!

  6. What a great friend Don - and such a clever post. It's always nice to be reminded that it's nice to have good friends!!!

    You look good as a cowdog! :D


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