Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Training at the Airport!

My brother was leaving for a trip yesterday, so I took Don so he could experience the sights and sounds of the airport. He did really well, walking through the airport and waiting in line while my brother checked in his luggage. I didn't think I'd get to go past security, but the lady gave my mom and I escort passes, so we could go with my brother. I was so happy that Don would get to experience security check! (Below, Don sits calmly as lots of people and suitcases go by)
In my excitement that Don would get to go through the beeping metal detector, I forget to take out my cell phone and bait bag. oops. The metal detector didn't phase Don- he walked right through- and then we waited in this little room for them to scan both of us (Don's collar had set off of the metal detector). Don waited patiently in a down while they checked me. I was actually glad I had left everything in my pockets because Don got to hear the beeping a lot which was good for him to experience.
Above, Don waits calmly next to a security officer. They checked Don next. Much to my dissapointment, they didn't scan him, but they padded him down. Don was great- he wagged his tail but stayed in the "stand" position, and was very happy about the attention he was getting.
Above, Don does a nice down stay inside the airport. I walked him through the terminal and he got to see a man pushing a ton of luggage carts, a couple rolling trashcans, and lots of people! He was a good boy :)
To end Don's visit to the airport, we stopped at the baggage claim so Don could watch some luggage go round and round. It was a great outing- and really tired him out :)


  1. What a special outing for Don! I think one of the best outings we did as a club was at Seattle Airport. Though I don't think they warned TSA about our group so having 50+ puppies in training show up really over-whelmed them! :)

  2. Airports are the best outings to take dogs to!
    Looks like Don really enjoyed it, and did very well!

  3. You guys are getting in a lot of great training outings! How fun for Don to get patted down--although it was probably the same to him as getting petted.

  4. GDB Puppy sitter, I hope our club does an outing to the airport! 50 puppies?! WOW- that is a big puppy group! Mimi- Don loved soaking up all the attention :) I wished they had scanned him, but oh well, at least he got to watch me getting scanned!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic outing! That will be a really valuable training experience for when he becomes a guide.

  6. I should of mentioned it was a bunch of clubs in the Seattle. We only have 4 puppies in our club. :) It is a GREAT outing for puppies as most of them will even have to fly home after being at campus.


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