Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nerice's Graduation and Upcoming Jelly Belly Event

Last weekend, Don and I went to Guide Dogs to watch a dog from our club, Nerice, graduate. It was a great graduation; the speeches were all so nice and I loved seeing Nerice walk with her new partner. I got to puppysit Nerice a long time ago, before I had Don, and she was so sweet. She'd sleep and sleep, and walked so nicely on a loose leash. I remember a couple months ago at a meeting, our leader asked her raisers if they were having any troubles with her and they said, She sleeps too much! I wouldn't mind having a pup with that problem :)
Above is Nerice, her new partner, and her puppy raisers up on the stage. I don't know if you can see Nerice, she is sort of hidden behind the rail, but she looked so grown up in her harness!
Don was very excited to sit next to his Guide Dog pals Silky, Primrose, Honeydew, Sherman, and Quebec. Here he is, looking at Silky. Don got to spend a couple of days with Silky- they are the best of friends and are so cute when they say hi to each other!
Afterwards, we all went over to the GDB play yards- they are awesome! Don got to play with Primrose (who's a little older than Don) and Silky. Here is Don putting his paw on Silky, while Primrose runs off to find a bone.
Don panting after running, and running, and running!!! I love how his forehead is almost always wrinkly :)
Primrose. Isn't she cute? I love that look on her face, hey, look at my bone. She found it in the grass and was so pleased with herself. Primrose is such a sweet girl. She didn't seem very excited about playing with Don and Silky, she was content to chew her bone in peace :)
Above, Silky shows Don a rope that she found. They had a fun time stealing each other's toys.
CHARGE! Don and Silky run into each other and play.

I've been working on a website for my puppy club. I needed a picture for the "Links" page, so I took this one of Don on my laptop.

He makes a very cute business-dog, don't you think?

Don sits for the camera before we head out on an outing to the farmers market. I love his big, wrinkly eyebrows... he always looks worried though. Don had a fun time today, we walked around the farmers market (which was a great training experience with all the food and kids). Then, we walked around San Rafael- and even saw a couple of guide dogs in formal training!

I'm so excited for the Guide Dog Jelly Belly FunDay tomorrow. It is being hosted by the Solano County Puppy Raisers, and there will be free factory tours, a puppy wading pool, pictures of your pup with Mr. Jelly Belly (!!!), and best of all, free samples :) It's from 9:30 to 3:30 at Jelly Belly in Fairfield. If you're on facebook, there is more info on their page. Is anyone going?
I'll be taking lots of photos to put on my blog!


  1. Rocco and I are going! And so are Colorado and Amici from my group.

  2. Free samples??? Sad I live so far away :(

    Don is such a cutie--love the computer pictures! :)

  3. I love the photo of Don on your laptop! Rats, how do you always know about these fun events? I guess I should get on Facebook more often than once in a blue moon....

  4. Hey! How come we haven't heard about it here?!?! What Facebook page is it on?? We'd love to go!

  5. Cassie- I heard about it through my CFR- it's strange, Guide Dogs hasn't mentioned it anywhere, but if you go to their fb page, and scroll down past the links, there's this little list of upcoming events on the left side column. It's called Solano County Puppy Raising Fun Day and there's more info if you click on it.

    If you let me know what your email is, I can send you the flyer if you'd like.

    Oh, and here's the link to the event page. Not sure if it will work though...

    Hope to see you and Dagan there!

  6. Erin- that's so cool that you're going. Can't wait to meet you and Rocco! We're taking Amici to the GDB kennels afterwards :)

  7. Get a free sample of Jelly Belly's for Hos and I!!! Looks like you had a great time at graduation. Don looks so adorable with his wrinkles!

  8. Mmmm, Jelly Bellys!! Have fun. :-) Don is most definitely growing up to be one of the handsomest labs EVER. Love the pictures of him with laptop!

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  10. First off congrats on winning a super cool leash (I saw that this morning) and secondly, for responding! :)

    We might have to check out the factory next time we are down there. It sounds like fun and who doesn't like jelly beans?

    I think I'll put that in as a suggestion for different walking surfaces. I just happen to be in the business for metal bar grating and lots of weird surfaces so anytime I bring a puppy to work, we do some exploring. :)


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